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Commission Types & Prices

Apologies, but I am not currently available for collaboration projects with other creators.

All prices are in USD. A maximum of 2 pieces of art can be commissioned by a single client at once.

I will not work from text-only references. Please be able to provide visual reference of any characters.
The only exception to this rule is the Custom Character/Creature Design Commission type.

- no explicit work
- no style mimicry

- no real-life portraits

***please read before commissioning***

Contact me at guttertongue@gmail.comHours: Tuesday-Saturday: 10am - 6pm Eastern US time.
(Please allow 1-3 business days for a response, but feel free to follow up after if I have still not gotten back to you!)

Commissions: CLOSED || Wait-list: OPEN


Loosely inked sketch with highlights or shading.

Portrait/bust -$75
Half-body - $115

Fullbody - $150

Extra character or pose: +80% base price



3 - 5 poses - Mix of full body & waist/thigh up, Artist's choice.

Extra Character (for whole sheet): +80% base price
Extra poses: +$75 per pose


A full body Ink & Color artwork of your character along with 3-5 items that might be found in their inventory!
These can be weapons, trinkets, keepsakes, supplies, etc. Character nameplate optional.

Starts at $375

Additional cost may apply for very complex characters or extra items.