Commission Types & Prices

Apologies, but I am not currently available for collab projects with other creators.


All prices are in USD. A maximum of 2 pieces of art can be commissioned by a single client at once.
***I will not work from text-only references. Please be able to provide visual reference of any characters. The only exception to this rule is the Custom Character/Creature Design Commission type.

- no NSFW
- no style mimicry

- no real-life portraits

Commissions: CLOSED || Wait-list: CLOSED

--  Terms of Service - (please read before commissioning)
--  See HERE for what sort of information to provide, as well as a more comprehensive list of things I'm comfortable drawing.
--  Contact me at guttertongue@gmail.comHours: Tuesday-Saturday: 10am - 6pm Eastern US time.

                     Please allow 1-3 business days for a response, but feel free to follow up after if I have still not gotten back to you!

Special commission type now available!
Adventurer's Pack

A full body Ink & Color artwork of your character along with 3-5 items that might be found in their inventory!
These can be weapons, trinkets, keepsakes, supplies, etc. Character nameplate optional.

Starts at $375

Additional cost may apply for very complex characters or extra items.


Sketch Example


Loosely inked sketch with highlights or shading.

Portrait/bust -$75
Half-body - $115

Fullbody - $150

Sketch Page - $350

3 - 5 poses - Mix of full body & waist/thigh up, Artist's choice.


Additional characters or poses - 80% of base price*

*discounted to 50% for sketch pages.



Portrait/Bust - $200
Waist/thigh-up - $250
Full Body - $325

Illustration - $475

Fully inked, colored, and shaded. Base prices include one character and simple/abstract background.

Illustrations will, by default, be more complex images as far as pose/composition to show a scene, and include a background.


Additional characters - 90% of base cost.

Maximum of 4 total characters per illustration.

Additional Background Detail - Some illustrations may require more detailed background work, and are subject to an additional fee to cover the time involved. This cost will vary greatly depending on the piece.

Example of backgrounds considered "complex": images involving crowds, complex buildings/interiors, detailed flora/fauna.




Portrait - $350
Bust/Waist-up - $450

Illustration - $550+

Additional characters - 80% of base cost.


Maximum of 4 total characters per illustration.

Additional Background Detail - $80+ depending on complexity

Ref Sheet Example


A custom ref sheet for your character. Includes color swatches and info box if requested. Please contact me with the sorts of things you’re looking for in a ref sheet to get a quote for these, since prices may vary a good bit depending on the complexity and detail involved with depicting your character!

To estimate your own price, see the following:

  • From-scratch design fee (No pre-existing artwork): $75+ depending on complexity and available references.

  • Detail charge (complex armor/clothing, features or markings): +$30-$100


  • Full body: $180 for first, $150 for each additional view,
    OR $75-$150 for separate clothed versions of the same full body pose, depending on complexity of the outfit.

  • Each head/detail: $50-$75 per, depending on complexity

  • Shading: $50-$80 depending on number of details/poses that must be shaded

  • Edits for alternate versions of the refsheet: $50+ depending on complexity and number of extra details involved. This can include clothed/unclothed (smallclothes) versions, or alternate color palette, etc.



This is a new commission type! Creature/character design is one of my favorite things to do with my art, and I wanted to offer this to folks that might not already have a character or creature concept 100% nailed down to get a ref sheet.

For this commission type, I’ll work with you to help solidify a concept you have, whether it's a character for a story, a special boss monster for your tabletop RPG game, or anything in-between.

There are two different types I'd like to offer!




I will develop a concept for you based on a very loose prompt. Includes 3 images of the concept/character.

Details to provide:

- The character/creature’s race/species and gender (if applicable).
- What do they do? (class/job/biological or ecological niche)

- What is ONE color you would like me to use in the design?
- OPTIONAL: One or two important details such as “they’re meant to be a boss-style encounter” or “they worship a specific god.”

I’ll work start-to-finish on a design to fit your prompt, and may elaborate on it with ideas of my own. This tier is great if you like surprises, and may suit those who like the concept of Adoptables but would like a little more say in what they look like.


"A female Sphinx who is the gatekeeper for a long-lost holy place. 
She appears celestial, and some details on her are gold and almost inorganic."




Working with a more solid concept, I’ll still put a lot of my own design into this, but you’ll have more control over the finished result.

Price includes a mix of 3-5 fullbody/halfbody/headshot/details of the design -- essentially whatever I feel needs to be depicted to really get the design of the character across so you or future artists can easily work with the design.

Feel free to provide a small list of details that you’d DEFINITELY like included, such as if your character has a specific type of weapon, or if you'd like me to give them scars from a notable encounter in their life. You may also provide a small (3 short paragraphs or less) amount of story or flavor text to use as inspiration.

This commission type may be used to elaborate on or redesign a character you already have.

I will provide you with up to 3 Work-In-Progress updates, with which you’ll be able to direct me towards an end result that fits your vision!