•  Make any changes to the design you see fit, including (but not limited to) changing things like colors, gender, clothing, body shape, or adding things like scars/tattoos/piercings.

  •  Use the adopted character in any personal project, art, RPG, tabletop game, or story you'd like. You may also use them as character art in a streamed tabletop game as long as the art is properly credited.

  •  Gift, trade, or resell this character if you no longer want them, but I would ask that the sale price be no higher than what you originally paid for it. The exception to this is if you have drawn or commissioned additional artwork of them - you may add the value of those art pieces to the sale price should you choose to sell them. If you do give this character to someone else, I would appreciate being updated on who owns them! 


  •  Claim the original art as your own.

  •  Duplicate/edit the art with intent to sell the results as your own or as part of your own product.

  •  Profit off the use of this art (example: using it as a mascot or face of a commercial project or logo, or including the art in a book/resource pack with intent to sell.)

  • You MAY commission other artists for commercial art of this character design, or profit off of your OWN art of the design, but I would appreciate being credited for the original

Please remember that if you own a design by me, you receive priority on future commission openings for art of them! I love to help people further develop these characters!


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